Neighbourhood Hubs

Neighbourhood Hubs

We gather in neighbourhoods as intentional micro-communities (that we call “neighbourhood hubs”) for a meal, prayer, to create space for robust conversation, and to engage in God’s mission as we seek the peace and welfare of our neighbourhood/city. Hubs commit to a common life together rooted in place. Together they seek to live lives of community, mission, and practice as a sign that “another world is possible.”

Our desire is to make a deeper commitment to God, each other, and our neighbourhood / city. We want to plant our lives in a context and follow God together there.

Hubs are for those who are on a committed journey of discerning, learning, and following Christ in a particular neighbourhood / context. Anyone is welcomed to join a hub and will do so through a process of orientation and initial formation.

We are committed to the following rhythms:

  1. Spiritual practices (communion)
  2. Mission practices (co-mission)
  3. Community practices (community)

For more information about hubs, please drop us a line: