Hillside Church // London, Canada

What are hubs?

Hubs are intentional small communities who gather regularly for a meal, prayer, and to create space for robust conversation… and are engaged in God’s mission as they seek the peace and welfare of their own neighbourhood/context. Hubs commit to a common life together – beyond the gathering – rooted in place. Together they seek to live missional, communal, and practical lives as a sign that “another world is possible.”

Why hubs?

We want to make a deeper commitment to God, each other, and our neighbourhood/city. We want to plant our lives in a context and follow God together there. We want to adopt a simple pattern of attitudes, behaviours, and practices that are a regular routine and are intended to produce a certain quality of life and character. This simple pattern is a rhythm. What do we want our lives to sound like together?

Who are hubs for?

Those on a committed journey of discerning, learning and following Christ in a particular neighbourhood/context. Anyone is welcomed to join a hub and will do so through a process of orientation and initial formation.

Where do hubs take place?

Peppered throughout the city of London, hubs will meet mostly in homes, but also in pubs, coffee shops, wherever.

How do hubs work?

We are committed to the following rhythms: 1) Spiritual practices (communion). 2) Mission practices (co-mission). 3) Community practices (community). The ways in which these rhythms get lived out together may change and be shaped so that we may always seek first the reign of God. They are meant to be an evolving, creative expression of the common life we are called to live as members of a hub.

For more information, and if you are interested in joining a hub (regardless of whether or not you are part of the Hillside community), feel free to drop us a line: steve@hillsidelondon.com.