Hillside Church // London, Canada

Community Meals + BBQs

Once a month we gather around tables following our worship gatherings on Sundays to eat, drink, and celebrate the presence of Christ in our midst. In addition, during the summer months, we organize community BBQs at various people’s houses just to eat and get to know some people… and enjoy the warm Ontario weather. Eating together is crucially important to us as a community. If you would like more information about our community meals or BBQs, please drop us a line: hilary@hillsidelondon.com


We host a community retreat every fall. This is a great time away together as a whole community, to slow down and learn to listen and tend to the work of God in our lives and each other. In addition, we gather our leadership community together once a year for a retreat to learn, visionize, and listen well together. If you would like more information about retreats, please drop us a line: pernell@hillsidelondon.com

New Building Project

In 2015 we sold our property at 250 Commissioners Road, in order to purchase and renovate a more sustainable and neighbourhood-friendly space. Late in 2016 we purchased 138 Thompson Road (currently a bowling alley) with the intention to rezone and renovate it into a beautiful and sustainable neighbourhood and worship space. Rezoning has just been approved on the property, and we are now in the design phase. Renovations should begin on June 1, 2017. We’re super-excited. If you would like more information about our new space, please drop us a line: pernell@hillsidelondon.com

Neighbourhood Engagement

Hubs are intentional small communities who gather regularly for a meal, prayer, and to create space for robust conversation… and are engaged in God’s mission as they seek the peace and welfare of their own neighbourhood/context. Hubs commit to a common life together – beyond the gathering – rooted in place. Together they seek to live missional, communal, and practical lives as a sign that “another world is possible…” [ read more ]

Local + Global Mission Partnership

Right here in London, there are people and organizations doing great work to share the love of Jesus with our neighbours. We support several of them in various ways. We also actively support the work of several missionaries and mission agencies who are engaged in God’s mission overseas in various countries and contexts. If you would like more information about our partnerships, please drop us a line: gareth@hillsidelondon.com

Ryan Barrington – IVCF (Western University)
Jay Lawrence – YFC (London)

Janet Holden – Navigators (Angola)
Ben & Nikki Clarke / Brent & Lynn Austring – NAIM (Canadian North)
Bob Kline – HORCO (Ethiopia)

Benevolence Help

We provide some financial assistance to folks in our community who are in crisis for various reasons. We rely on the generosity of community members to donate to our benevolence fund. If you can help, or if you need help, please drop us a line: pernell@hillsidelondon.com

Fair Trade Coffee

Our coffee which we serve on Sundays during our worship gatherings is fair trade and, quite frankly, delicious. And all we ask for in return is a small donation, if you are able. The profits from these donations goes to a great organization that we love: www.horco.ca