Hillside Church // London, Canada

1888 – 1950s

The church was established in the heart of what is now known as Wortley Village, and eventually built at 150 Wortley Road. Two churches were planted in and around London during this era of the church’s history.

1960s + 1970s

The church built at 250 Commissioners Road East and experienced explosive growth as a dynamic, city-wide church that emphasized biblical teaching, evangelism, discipleship and missionary support. Two more churches were planted in and around London during this era of the church’s history.

1980s + 1990s

The church struggled with decreasing membership – as did many, if not most churches throughout North America – but did its best to preserve the ministries and methods that were so successful in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. However, the culture was changing significantly, but the church was not.


The church went through a difficult journey to rediscover itself in order to have effective ministry within a new and post-modern era. Transition is rarely easy but we were able to re-boot in 2007 when we became Hillside Church (formerly Wortley Baptist Church).


In the last few years we have moved into a new era of growth and expansion of our mission as we have: welcomed our first female elders, switched tribes (now aligned with Vision Ministries Canada), cultivated a new ethos and strategy, and launched some new initiatives such as neighbourhood hubs, an intentional leadership development plan, a framework for local and global mission participation, etc. In addition, we have recently sold our 3.2 acre property in order to move somewhere more sustainable and conducive to our life together.

The thing is, our story is really not about buildings or numbers, and it’s not about history. It’s about people. People hungry to live out the ways of Jesus. People working to put flesh and blood on the resurrection now. It’s about people with ideas and dreams, and it’s about the raw mystery that brings them together to make a church.