Hillside Church // London, Canada

Hillside is a church community that is committed to becoming a more missional and communal people who practice the ways of Jesus.

Worship Gatherings
Our community gathers for teaching and worship on Sunday mornings at 10am each week.
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Neighbourhood Hubs
Throughout the week we meet as intentional small communities that we call “neighbourhood hubs.”
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Our community is led by a fantastic group of people organized into various teams.
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“Open” Hours
Our space is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm, EST. We’ll roll out a welcome mat for you… or at least someone friendly will say “hello.” Enter through our cafe entrance, which is in the front corner of our building.

Special Events
Once a month we gather around tables following our worship gathering on Sundays to eat, drink, and celebrate the presence of Christ in our midst. In addition, we organize community BBQs throughout the summer months, host a community retreat every fall, and get together in various ways as much as possible.

For more information about Hillside, feel free to drop us a line: office@hillsidelondon.com.